Usually managers setup a Sprint for the whole company  to participate in, while selecting a few people to form the sprint team (the people responsible for coming up with a viable business solution)  Anyone who has been given permission to create Sprints can setup a sprint. There are two permissions to create a Sprints:

  1. Group Sprints: Allows the user to create a sprint for all users on the account (e.g. company-wide) or;

2. Line Sprint: Allows the user to create a sprint that is only visible to their line. Check out Lines and Line Managers

Note: A user that has Group Sprint permissions will automatically have Line Sprint permissions. All users that have Sprints permissions can also create a custom selected audience. 

Administrators can assign permissions by:

  1. Click the settings icon in the top right corner>
  2. Click Console> Permissions>
  3. Select one or more users who you would like to assign permissions to>
  4. Click Create Group Sprint and/or Line Sprint 

Check out Permissions for more on giving users these permissions.  

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