Challenges are problems or opportunities that managers see in the business and create challenges for everyone in the company or team to help solve. These are like campaigns or hackathons. You can submit ideas to each challenge, score points toward your innovation score and even have your idea promoted to a sprint if it’s a good one. 

How do Challenges work?

Challenges are time-based postings that are shared with everyone or a specific audiences (including a line or a select group of people). They can be given a time limit to capture ideas from the community. 

Challenges are set up by managers who have "All" or "Line" Challenge permissions. 

Who sets up a challenge

Users with Challenge permissions can set up a challenge for all users, a line or a selected audience.  Check out Who can create challenges and Create a new Challenge.  

Who can submit ideas?

Anyone that is within the audience that was selected when the challenge was first created. 

Why is strategy included in Challenges? 

Nectir uses a smart algorithm to track how ideas are supporting the strategy of a business. When a Challenge is created a manager will select one of more strategies that the Challenge applies to and also selects how strongly the Challenge, if solved, will support the strategy.  

What happens to an idea within a Challenge?

Ideas accumulate a ranking by the amount of people that vote, comment and share it. Managers have the opportunity to filter and review ideas within a Challenge based on the highest ranked ideas. If one or more ideas are seen to have potential for the business a manager can promote that idea to a Sprint where a selected team can work on developing a viable business solution. Check out Sprints. 

Who can edit a Challenge?

The user that created the challenge or the user selected as the sponsor of the challenge. 

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