Sprints are organised, fast-paced teams that are assigned, by the Sprint creator, to move an idea from concept into a viable business solution. They are tasked to create proof that the concept will work and are set requirements by the Sprint creator to fulfill. So, for example, if the Sprint creator needs a budget, this will be one of the requirements for the Sprint team.

The end goal? To create a business case / proof of concept / validation / business proposal - whatever your business uses to give the green-light, go or yes to a project. Every business has it's own way of saying let's do it

How do Sprints work in Nectir?

Sprint teams are formed as a team responsible for coming up with a viable business solution. They also have access to the full knowledge of the company to help them. While they work at high pace to provide a business solution they post requests to the community to help them along the way. If Bob needs help working out a complex calculation he can post a request (Bob's in banking), if Sarah needs help finding the lightest airplane seat fabric (Sarah's an aviation engineer) or if Chris needs help with contact information for Oprah (Chris is a TV Producer) - Sprints is where they post their requests. Anyone can jump in and help them get over the finish line faster.

Who can create Sprints?

Users with Sprint permissions can set up a Sprint for all users, a line or a selected audience.Check out Who can create Sprints and Create a new Sprint.

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