What's the point of creating an idea if no one sees it? And if it's good enough, you want managers to see it.

Nectir automatically figures out the invisible structure of your business by understanding who reports to who, where ideas should go when they need to be reviewed, and how to focus an audience for a Challenge or Sprint.

What is a line?

A line is a business reporting line. All lines lead to the CEO (or most senior person on your account), from the most junior team member all the way up to the big boss. But, not all lines are the same - a Marketing reporting line is different to a Finance reporting line.

Think of it like this: A junior marketing associate, reports to a marketing manager who reports to the marketing director, who reports to the CEO. That's the line.

So if there is a marketing idea, challenge or sprint that is only relevant to the marketing department; the person creating the idea, challenge or sprint can confine the audience to only that line.

When are lines used?

A line is used to isolate certain activity based on a group of users that report to a line manager to:

  • ensure that posts are only show to people within that line
  • send an Open Idea to the right manager for review (if Manager Review is turned on)
  • limit a line challenge access to a team within a reporting line
  • limit a line sprint access to a team within a reporting line
  • allow a manager to review their direct reporting team's performance

Challenges, Sprints and Lines

Challenges and Sprint can be setup to limit an audience to a specific reporting line. 

Setting permissions to create line Challenges and Sprints

To grant users permissions to create challenges and sprints check out Who can setup Challenges ? and Who can setup Sprints?  You may also want to check out Permissions.

How does it work?

A line is determined by a person. For example if Steve is the Marketing Manager - his line includes the people he reports to (The Marketing Director - Joe and then the CEO - Kate) and all the people that report to him (the three Marketing Associates, and the six junior marketing assistants that report to them).

Steve's reporting line:

Note: Lines include user upwards and downwards in a reporting line.

Joe's reporting line:

Senior managers typically have a larger reporting base within their line.

Mary's reporting line:

Junior team members typically have a limited audience in a reporting line.

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