We’re super excited that you’re using Nectir. It’s a place where ideas come to life. We’re pretty sure you haven’t used anything quite like this to share, collaborate and implement ideas in your business.

In short, Nectir is an engine that powers your ideas through your business, helps you connect with more ideas and make sure that the right ideas get across the approval line. It's ideas & innovation management software made to be loved.

Getting to know the basics

In Nectir an account can be created for a team or whole company, everything works the same way for either. So you can use Nectir for your team, department or for the whole business – even if it’s spread across the world.

How Nectir works

Nectir has three main functions:

1. Open Ideas: Got a good idea? Open Ideas allow any user to post ideas they have for the business. Got a good idea? Submit your idea as soon it hits you. Your idea goes to your line manager to have a quick check (if manager review is setup on your account) and then live for your selected audience to view, contribute to and vote for. Check out Open Ideas.

2. Challenges: Ready to solve a problem? Challenges are specific initiatives that an executive or line manager sets for the business. You can contribute to challenges by proving your ideas or contribute thoughts to other users’ ideas. Check out Challenges.

3. Sprints: Most businesses need an idea to be fleshed out to see if it makes business sense before management proceeds. Sprints are exactly that – fast paced dashes by selected team members to turn an idea into a real business solution. A line manager (with Sprint permissions) or admin will give the team a set of requirements that they want to see in a solution. Once the sprint team is formed they post requests that everyone can assist with. Check out Sprints.

The folks around you

In your Nectir account there are three groups of people.

  1. Admins: An admin creates your Nectir account, invites users and gives permissions to users for different levels of control and rights.  
  2. Users: These are all your team members across your account.
  3. Line managers: Just like users, but also have team members that report to them. Nectir uses line managers to understand the invisible structure of your business to move ideas through your business in smarter ways. Line manager review ideas that are published by their reports to apply a strategy rating to an Open Idea. They also have the ability to revoke an Open Idea that is published or to nominate it to become a Sprint. They also have a few other roles depending on how your admin sets up their permissions. Check out Line Managers.
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