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What are Open Ideas & How To Create Them
What are Open Ideas & How To Create Them

Open Ideas explained and how to create ideas in Nectir.

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What are Open Ideas?

Got a good idea for the business? This is where you post it.

Open Ideas are Nectir’s way of capturing brilliant ideas from team members and sharing them with the rest of company or team. Once they’re live, everyone can contribute, vote for and share your idea.

Creating and Open Idea

Select Ideas > + New Ideas

Give the idea a #name, short description, and an overview of the problem and proposed solution.

 **IMPORTANT STEP: Specify what business units and strategic focus your idea is aligned with. This is important for the review process and the algorithm that weights aligned ideas higher than unaligned ones.

Specify if your idea supports any business categories, give your idea keywords that describe the idea, choose your Audience, and Submit.

Engaging with Ideas

Those included in your selected audience (more on that HERE) will be informed of the new idea through an in-app notification, and can be found through the right-side navigation or the homepage newsfeed.

Nectir makes a big point of avoiding bottlenecks. As such, companies have the option of allowing new ideas to be live on the platform before they have been reviewed (highly recommended). Due to how busy decision makers can get, ideas can sometimes go days without being reviewed. Instead of allowing the idea to sit without gaining traction, Nectir allows for ideas to build awareness and momentum right away.

Check out the article on Reviewing Open Ideas

Once an idea is live, people can begin engaging with the idea in several different ways:

  1. Follow

  2. Share

  3. Vote

  4. Comment

  5. Like comments

Evaluating Ideas: Archive, Approve, or Sprint

Once an idea has been live for a while, specific users with permission to approve ideas (Read Managing User Permissions for details) can make the decision on what to do next with the idea. We recommend companies limit the number of individuals who can approve ideas to a few select decision makers that are typically VP or C-Level management. These individuals can do one of the following:

  1. Archive an idea: If an idea isn't right at that time, archive is a great option. This allows the idea to still be found via keyword search and re-activated at a later date if opinions or situation changes.

  2. Approve idea: When an idea is approved its activity in Nectir's ends. At this point the idea should be exported from Nectir into your project management software for the next phase of the innovation process. Check out the article: Exporting Data.

  3. Sprint: Ideas that need further validation can be pushed to a sprint. Companies can use a stage gate approach by running multiple sprints on the same idea if needed. Check out the article: Creating Sprints.

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