What are Open Ideas?

Got a good idea for the business? This is where you post it.

Open Ideas are Nectir’s way of capturing brilliant ideas from team members and sharing them with the rest of company or team. Once they’re live everyone can contribute, vote for and share your idea.

Creating and Open Idea

  1. Select Open Ideas from the left hand navigation.
  2. Select New Open Idea
  3. Complete each field, select the strategy/ies that your ideas apply to (if your company has not added specific strategies you do not need to select a strategy).
  4. Select Submit

The Open Ideas section allows you to view all your Open Ideas, review ideas (if you’re a line manager), create new Open Ideas or see an overview of all the company’s Open Ideas. 

What happens next?

Your idea is visible to either the whole company or team (depending on how your account is being used), or to your line (see Lines) or to selected users – this is based on the audience you selected when you post your idea.

Here they become part of the activity feed. When people like, comment, share or vote for your idea it get pushed up the activity feed. And your innovation score grows. Better ideas, better innovation score.

Chances are, if your idea is good enough a manager will spot it and want to turn it into a Sprint. It’s there that ideas get the rocket fuel to become reality. Learn more about Sprints.

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