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The Differences Between Open Ideas and Challenge Ideas
The Differences Between Open Ideas and Challenge Ideas

How Open Ideas are created vs. Challenge Ideas

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  • They use the same #naming structure and can be searched in the same way

  • They can be promoted to sprints

  • They can be shared with everyone, a line, selected team members, or out to external people

  • They add to your innovation score (you get more points for Open Ideas)


Open Ideas are ideas that team members create outside of the parameters of a challenge whereas Challenge Ideas are ideas that have been created based on the parameters of a Challenge.

Ideas generated from Challenges
are done so with the  help of an overview, description of what success looks like, and what the strategic focuses are. This gives a lot more direction as to what ideas should look like than Open Ideas.

Challenge Ideas are also much higher level. The goal of a Challenge is to collect as many high level, strategically aligned ideas as possible in a set period of time. That is why Challenge Ideas are brief, with a 50-word maximum for the description.

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