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Setting Performance and Behaviours
Setting Performance and Behaviours

Setting performance and behaviours and what it impacts

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Nectir's gamification algorithm is driven through two different channels:

  1. Performance and Behaviours

  2. Strategy Alignment

The Performance and behaviour settings allow companies to weight different actions over others. Depending on the weighting of the actions, different amounts of points will be attributed to the users. These points are reflected in each person's personal dashboard and are important for any incentives that is designed to measure overall top innovator(s). 

To edit the performance and behaviour settings, navigate to:
Console > System > Performance and Behaviours

You may be thinking, why would I want to weight certain actions over others?

You may not, but sometimes it helps reinforce the programme depending on the stage and goals. Let's give a couple examples:

  1. Your company has more recently begun taking steps to establish an innovative culture and you have just launched with Nectir. In this early stage, you are not wanting to put as much pressure on the users to be perfectly aligned with strategy as you want them to be excited and engaged on the platform. In this situation you may choose to lower the importance of "Strategy Alignment" and "Executing Ideas", while making "New Ideas", "Challenge Solving", and :Team Engagement" very important.

2. Your company knows the major problems/opportunities and therefore has created a number of very important challenges that you want people to focus on. In this situation, you would lower the importance of new ideas (open ideas) since you want people focused on contributing ideas to the challenges, and you lower the importance of executing ideas (open ideas) again, to keep the focus on challenges.

Making these changes is as simple as sliding the bad to the desired importance level and clicking "Save and Close". 

*Pro Tip: Reinforce what the performance and behaviour settings are through a leader message. Learn how to edit and create leader messages HERE.

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