Ideas go through a lifecycle in the platform that involves the idea being published, people collaborating on the idea, and the idea being approved or archived. The exact journey an idea can take though can vary. Below are the different paths an idea can take.

Open Ideas

  1. A new open idea is created (Article)

  2. The idea is reviewed (Article)

  3. People engage with the idea (Article)

  4. Ideas can be edited (Article)

  5. The idea is approved (Article), archived, or pushed to a sprint (Article)

Challenge Ideas

  1. A challenge is created (Article)

  2. Ideas are added to a challenge

  3. People engage with the ideas

  4. Challenge might be edited while live (Article)

  5. Challenge ideas are either approved (Article), archived, or pushed to a sprint (Article)

Sprint Ideas

  1. A sprint is created (Article)

  2. People engage with the sprint

  3. Sprint may be edited while running (Article

  4. The sprint is reviewed

  5. The sprint is completed

  6. The idea from the sprint is either approved (Article) or archived

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