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Creating a Leader Message

Creating and editing leader messages

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Leader messages are simple but powerful tools to drive engagement in Nectir. A key element that has a big impact in the success of your innovation programme is showing/communicating top-level support for the programme. This can be done through various communication channels such as meetings, emails, newsletters, and more. 

The way it can be done within Nectir is through a leader message that displays on the homepage. This message communicates the goal of the programme, encourages participation, and makes it clear that key decision makers in the company support employees spending time on the platform.

To create a leader message, click the gear symbol in the upper-right corner > Console > Leader Messages

One the next page, There are two options you can take:

  1. Create a new message

  2. Edit and existing message (found in the right-side nav)

**To edit an existing message, hover your cursor over the message to see an 'edit' link appear.

Once inside the edit page, creating the message is as simple as filling out a form. 

  1. Identify the leader that the message is coming from.

  2. Name the message (this is only visible within the admin/console view).

  3. Choose an accurate message title.

  4. Create a clear and concise message that tells everyone what the focus and goal of the innovation/idea programme is at that time.

When choosing your audience you have two options: All and Line. Line goes to everyone in your reporting line and is controlled by those connected through team leaders.

Setting the start and end date of the leader message allows you to plan ahead and create multiple at one time. This can come in handy when you know that the strategic goals and programme focuses will change throughout the year. If you want a message to be visible for the foreseeable future, simply set the end date to the maximum distance out which is up to 4 years.

*If you need to extend it beyond 4 years, you can edit the end date of the active leader message at any time.

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