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How to Approve Ideas
How to Approve Ideas

Approving Open Ideas & Challenge Ideas

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Approving ideas is the final step for any idea within Nectir. This step comes after a challenge has run, an open idea has been reviewed, and/or a sprint has completed. This step also requires specific permission settings. You can read about managing user permissions HERE.

*To learn how to review ideas, check out Reviewing Open Ideas.

There are three places where an idea can be approved; Open Ideas, Challenges, Sprints.

Open Ideas

To review open ideas, navigate to the desired idea by filtering the right-side navigation to Ideas.

Once inside the idea, select the checkmark symbol in the upper right corner.

There will be a pop-up that follows asking for confirmation before finalising the approval.

Once you have clicked 'Yes' the idea will be officially approved. At this point Nectir's job is complete. It is best to use our Export Data feature to pull approved ideas out of the system so that it can be integrate into whatever project management software you use.


The process to approve ideas in challenges is very similar to approving open ideas. Start by navigating to the desired challenge by using the right-side navigation.

Once inside the desired challenge, review the listed ideas. If an idea is great and doesn't need further thought before approval, you can go ahead and approve it. 

*IMPORTANT: Within one challenge, more than one idea can be approved.

Select the check mark symbol for each idea you want to approve.

The same pop-up window will appear double-checking that you want to approve the idea. 

Once you have selected yes, the idea will be approved and you would use the same process to Export Data to implement into your desired project management software.


The process to approve ideas in sprints is a bit different than open ideas and challenges. Start by navigating to the desired sprint using the filters in the right-side navigation.

Once inside the sprint and have confirmed that all requirements have been fulfilled, it is time to complete the sprint by selecting the 'Complete Sprint' button in the top right corner.

You will see a pop-up that asks what you would like to do with the completed sprint. If the sprint proved the idea(s) were viable for further resources then you would select 'Complete'. If the sprint DID NOT prove the idea(s) were viable for further resources, you would select 'Archive'.

For sprints you mark as complete, you will still need to go into each idea connected to the sprint you wish to approve and approve them via the open idea page.

Complete the approval process using the same steps as listed above under the Open Idea section.

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