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Creating and Managing Incentives
Creating and Managing Incentives

Creating and managing incentives

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Incentives are a great and powerful way to drive quality engagement within your Nectir innovation programme. Incentives can be created around almost any action, meaning it is truly up to you and your programme strategy as to how you utilise them.

Although incentives are optional, they are highly encouraged. To setup an incentive, navigate to the gear symbol in the upper right corner > Console > Incentives > Create Incentive.

Step One: Criteria

Decide how you want the incentive to be measured. Start by selecting the category for the incentive. This could be Overall performance, ideas, challenges, or sprints. Once you select the category, you select the identifier focus. For example... when 'Ideas' is selected, the below options are given.

*A great use of incentives that we highly recommend is attaching incentives to challenges. Obviously, since a challenge was created, there is a specific problem in need of solution(s). Try creating an incentive that rewards the top idea (based on number of votes). Doing this will help drive engagement to the challenge and produce the most and best ideas.

Step Two: Timeline

Choose the start and end date of the incentive. Depending on the on the incentive criteria, you most likely will match this up with the end date of an idea, challenge, or sprint. An exception would be if the incentive is focused around top innovator(s). In that case you would most likely set it to last 1-month, quarter, bi-annually, or annually.

Step Three: Customise

This step is pretty clear, you need to give your incentive a name, value, and description. Make sure to keep each field clear and concise as it needs to fit onto the banner and has a limit number of allowed characters.

Step Four: Audience

The audience refers to the  people who are recognised in the leaders board as well as those that can view the leaders board. The actual incentive's visibility is controlled by the activity it is connected to. If the incentive is for top innovator of the year, it will be visible by ALL. If the incentive is based on the top idea for a specific challenge that is only visible to one business unit, only that business unit will be able to see the incentive on the homepage.

Step Five: Choose a Banner

When choosing a banner you have two options; choose from one of our stock images or create/upload your own. If you upload your own, we recommend not choosing an image that is too busy, doesn't have too much white space, and doesn't have any/much copy on it. (This is to help make the incentive details easier to read.)

The dimensions for an incentive banner are: 870px width x 370px height, and the file type can be either .jpg or .png.

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