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How To Change & Reset Your Password
How To Change & Reset Your Password

Steps to change and reset your password

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We've all been there... that moment when you realise that you can't remember your password yet again and need to reset it. Don't worry, it is an easy process to reset your password.

When at the login page for your account, click "forgot your password".

This will take you to the next screen that asks for your email address.

โ€‹An email will be sent to you with instructions to click a link.

โ€‹Clicking the link will send you back to your company's Nectir portal page. This is the final security step to confirm your identity before finishing the process. Click "Reset password" to receive one final email with your temporary password.

The final email with your temporary password will be sent instantly to you.

Go back into your company's portal page and use the temporary password to login. When you login you will be directed to your settings page. Enter the temporary password and then create a new password following the listed requirements. Once you enter the new password a second time to confirm, simply click "Update" and you will be all set.

"My Settings" is the same place where you go to change your password at any time, even if you have not forgotten your existing one.

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