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How to export data from Nectir for reporting

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There are many stages of innovation in a company. The stages that Nectir focuses on include idea generation, collaboration, and approval. Once approved, the idea data should be moved from Nectir to a project management platform for build out and launch.

We are currently working on several project management integrations that will automatically export approved ideas to the selected PM software and generate a new project. Stay tuned for more information about that release.

For now, the best way to export data is through an Excel export.ย 

Select Console > System > Company Data Export

โ€‹Specify what data you want to be included in the export

โ€‹Finally, pick the means you want to receive the file. Your options are email or download (by clicking Export).

**Noteworthy: If you are specifically interested in viewing approved ideas, select the filter dropdown for Column E titled "State" on the "Company Ideas" tab and only select '"approved". This will give you the list of ALL approved ideas in the platform, the creator, what challenge it came from (if any) and the details on the idea.

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