Facebook Workplace Integration

Setting up the Workplace Integration

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  1. Inside Nectir, open the Console

2. Select System
3. Select “Third Party Integrations”
4. Select “Facebook Workplace”
5. In another tab or window, open Workplace
6. From the sidebar, open the admin panel  

7. Inside the Admin panel, open Integrations  

8. Click “Create Custom Integration”  
9. Enter a name, e.g. “My Company’s Nectir”, and, optionally, enter a description 


Please note, the name of your integration appears on your shared posts. Below is an example of a shared Nectir Idea in Workplace. I named this intergration “Nectir Preview”.  

10. Click “Create”
11. Click the “Show” button in the “App secret” field 

12. Under “Grant permissions”, enable all the permissions listed in Nectir
13. Click “Advanced options” to expand these settings 

14. From Nectir, copy the value for the Unfurling domain  

15. Paste this into the “Unfurling domains” field in Workplace  

16. Copy the “App ID” from Workplace and paste it in the “Application ID” field in Nectir
17. Copy the “App Secret” from Workplace and paste it in the “Application Secret” field in Nectir
18. Create and copy the “Access Token” from Workplace and paste it in the “Access Token” field in Nectir
19. Save the integration in Workplace
20. Click “Verify Credentials” in Nectir
21. Enable the integrations you wish to use
22. If enabling the “Publishing Bot”, select a Workplace group from the dropdown that you wish to have the bot post to
23. Save the integration 

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