Reviewing Open Ideas

How to review an open idea and why it is important

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Why Reviewing Ideas Is Important

Reviewing ideas helps do the following:

  1. Identify the strategic alignment of an idea

  2. Validate the idea to encourage continued engagement

Reviewing ideas is required to:

  1. Approve an idea

  2. Push idea to a sprint

  3. Assign full points to an idea

Who Can Review Ideas

Only select individuals can review ideas. These individuals are often the champions within an organisation, management of varying levels depending on how centralised or decentralised your organisation is. 

If you feel you should have the ability to review ideas but currently don't, talk with your identified team leader.

One More Thing To Remember

You are only able to review an idea if you are set as a team leader. This can either be done as a user: Settings > My Settings > Edit Team Leader. 

As an administrator you are able to set team leaders for other users: Settings > Console > Users > Edit User Details > (Select individual users from the right hand side action bar).

How to Review Ideas

To review an idea, start by navigating to the Ideas tab on the left side and selecting Review Ideas.

Click Review Ideas and then select one of the ideas on the right side to begin the review.

Read through the idea's background, solution, and business unit alignment. Once you have a good understanding of the proposed idea, it is time to rank how strategically aligned the idea is to the identified strategic pillar(s).

*Remember: The rating you give out of 100 impacts the points the idea creator receives, as well as the visibility that the idea will get in the platform. Do your best to give the idea the most accurate review possible.

The last thing to do is either complete the review, reject with comment, or nominate to a sprint. 

  1.  Complete review: Set the duration of the idea between 1 and 12 months. The duration is up to your discretion, but often 

  2. Reject with comment: If the idea is not at all appropriate or aligned with your strategy, you can reject the idea outright. To ensure the experience is still constructive for your team member though, it is important to add a detailed comment as to why the idea was rejected. This will help redirect your team member with future ideas and will help prevent discouragement to engage in the future.

  3. Nominate for Sprint: The best practice is to not nominate an idea to a sprint directly from review unless the idea has had ample time to live in the platform and allow for team contribution. This allows for others to fully vet the idea which could end up making the sprint unnecessary. 

When reviewing an idea you have the ability to edit the following content:

  • Business Units

  • Strategy Alignment: You as a team leader have the ability to rate users strategy alignment.

  • Keywords

  • Audience

*If you don't have a line manager / team leader:

Due to your company’s organisational structure, you may not report to a Team Leader (for example, you might be the CEO). To ensure ideas are relevant and correctly aligned to business strategies, they must be reviewed by someone in the organisation other than yourself. If you do not report to a Team Leader, share your idea with a colleague who has admin permissions so that they may review.

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