An important feature of Nectir is giving individuals within the business the ability to review user ideas. This is performed by Team Leaders (Formally known as Line Managers).

This is an important process to ensure ideas being generated are relevant and are inline with the business units & strategies.

Once an idea has been reviewed, the idea is finalised and is able to be promoted to a sprint for validation or approved.

You are only able to review an idea if you are set as a team leader. This can either be done as a user: Settings > My Settings > Edit Team Leader. 

As an administrator you are able to set team leaders for other users: Settings > Console > Users > Edit User Details > (Select individual users from the right hand side action bar).

When reviewing an idea you have the ability to edit the following content:

  • Business Units
  • Strategy Alignment: You as a team leader have the ability to rate users strategy alignment.
  • Keywords
  • Audience

Option when reviewing an idea:

  • Complete review
  • Reject with comments: Idea is unpublished and comments are sent to user to make adjustments for resubmission.
  • Nominate for sprint: This will notify users with the ability to promote to sprint if you do not have the promote to sprint permission
  • Promote to sprint

How to review an idea:
You will get an InApp notification. (Located top right bell)
Navigate to Open Ideas > Review Ideas > (Located on the right hand side action bar, ideas to be reviewed will populate under the filter Awaiting Review).

Don't have a line manager / team leader:
Due to your company’s organisational structure, you may not report to a Team Leader/Line Manager. For example, you might be the CEO. To ensure ideas are relevant and correctly aligned to business strategies, they must be reviewed by someone within the organisation. If you do not report to a Team Leader, share your idea with a colleague who has admin permissions so that they may review.

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