Open Innovation typically refers to a process where businesses include external users in ideating with their internal teams. 

Using your account for Open Innovation is easy to do through Groups. You can create an Open Group that includes external users, where these users will only see posts that they have been invited to participate in. 

Open Innovation is useful for:

Customer engagement and insights
Invite customers to join a challenge and provide ideas that will enhance the value of your products or services. Remember to reward great ideas with incentives. 

Suppliers and Partner
Third parties often share common goals and challenges. Involve your suppliers or business partners in challenges and sprints to solve shared problems or to release shared opportunities. 

Industry network
If your Nectir account is setup for an industry body, government department or affiliation you may choose to involve multiple stakeholders in shared ideation and problem solving. You can create one or many groups that involve stakeholders and assign these to multiple sprints and challenges. 

Enabling Open Innovation

Open Innovation is defaulted to off - and must be enabled before it can be used. Have a look at Open Innovation Permissions.

Creating Open Groups

External users can participate in posts that are assigned to an Open Group that they have been invited to. Have a look at Groups

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