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How to create Groups and Open Groups in Nectir

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Groups are a selected population of users that become a defined audience. A group can be created and reused as an audience for Ideas, Challenges and Sprints - where only the users in the groups can view and participate in that post. 

You can create a group of your choosing, for example a Marketing Department, project team, or even an Open Group which comprises internal (company) and external user (third parties). 

Who can create a group?

All users have the ability to create a group. 

Only users with "Create Open Group" permissions can invite external users. Learn more about Open Group permissions.  

To create an Open Group view the end of this article. 

Creating a group. 

Groups can be created in two ways:

1. Create group from settings

  1. Click settings

  2. Click Groups

2. Creating group from a post

A group can be selected or created during the creation of a post (Open Idea, Challenge or Sprint). 

  1. Click Audience

  2. Click Select Group

  3. Select New Group

  4. Assign a name to the group

  5. Add team members click save. 

Creating an Open Group

Creating an Open Group is done through the same method as creating a normal group, however with added functionality to be able to invite external users. 

Only users with permissions to create Open Groups can do so. Learn more about Open Innovation Permissions

*Important First Step: Add internal users

First add internal users. It is important that you add internal users to an Open Group. Without internal users there will be no participation from your business in the Open Group. 

Add External Users

There are three methods to inviting external users to a Group: 1. Individual invites, 2. Bulk invites and 3. Public links. 

1.  Individual invite

Here you can invite one or more individuals by entering their email addresses. 

After clicking "Save" an invitation will be sent to the email addresses that have been added. 

2. Bulk Invite

Here you can upload a CSV file of email addresses to be invited. 

After clicking "Save" an invitation will be sent to the email addresses that have been added. 

3. Public link

A public link gives you the ability to solicit users to your group. The public link can be sent to individuals or embed into other media such as website links or online ads. A public link is created and can be shared with the audience of your choosing. For example you can create a customer campaign that asks customers to join a company challenge/campaign. 

By clicking the link the individual will be asked to sign-up to capture their information and will then be associated to the group created with the public link - and will see all posts where the group is selected as the audience.  


  • By creating a public link anyone who clicks the link can sign up and join that group. 

  • Only use the public link for posts that are not company sensitive and;

  • Are created specifically for public participation

  • Do not use a public link if your audience needs to be defined and controlled

  • It is safer to invite users who you know the email addresses of via the individual or bulk invite function

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