Creating & Managing Your Strategy Focus

How to setup and edit your strategy focus

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The Importance of Your Strategy

Setting up your company's strategic focus is an important and unique part of Nectir. The identified focuses within your strategy help direct the thinking of all your users.

Beyond that, the weighted value of each focus impacts the strategy algorithm that does the following:

  1. Controls the points allocated to ideas aligned with those strategic focuses

  2. Controls what ideas bubble to the top of the feed and get the most visibility 

Managing Your Strategy

  1. Access Strategy by navigating to Console > System > Strategy

  2. Enter a #keyword for each strategy focus area.

  3. Describe that strategy for easy team reference. This appears in the Nectir app for your team to view. 

  4. Enter more strategies as needed.

  5. Use the slider to adjust the importance of each strategy.

*Important: Strategy Focus can be adjusted at any time. If an existing focus importance is adjusted, the allocated points for an ideas that has already been reviewed will not change. The new importance will only impact ideas not yet reviewed.

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