Every good business has a strategy, or multiple strategy focus areas. Some capture their strategy in a statement, others have strategy pillars, focus areas or themes. Nectir makes it easy for you to integrate these into your innovation programme and calculates points according to people’s alignment with one or more of your strategies. Team member earn more points when they are more aligned to your business strategy. 

  1. Enter a #keyword for each strategy focus area.
  2. Describe that strategy for easy team reference. This appears in the Nectir app for your team to view. 
  3. Enter more strategies as needed.
  4. Use the slider to adjust the importance of each strategy. Nectir will reward team members according to their focus on strategy. 

Note: Nectir uses a smart algorithm to rank user's innovation scores against their strategy alignment - the more aligned an idea is to a strategy the more innovation points a user receives.  

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