Global User Permissions in Nectir apply permissions across all users, at the same time.
For example if you would like all users to have the ability to Create a Challenge, you can set this here. 

To access Global User Permissions see here.  

Read more to find out how each permission works. 

Open Ideas

All users on Nectir are able to create Open Ideas. You can choose whether an open idea is posted live or requires line manager approval before going live. We recommend that you allow all user to post live without approval as this creates a more intuitive experience.  

Note: All Open Ideas still go to a line manager to be rated.  


There are three basic group permissions for authoring:

  1. All Users - all active users 
  2. Line Managers -  all line managers (any user that has a direct report to them). See Lines and Line Managers for more.
  3. Select Users - this function restricts the permission to individuals. See Selected User Permissions for more. 

Note: Nectir defaults authoring permissions to Line Managers as most businesses choose this option. For example Leader messages are typically create by a leader in the business. 


All users have basic editing capability on their own posts.
The Editing permission is reserved for users that you want to be able to delete other user posts. For example an inappropriate comment. (This is a very rare given the professional use of Nectir). 

User Management

User management gives the assignee the ability to invite, delete, suspend, message, and edit the details of other users. We recommend you only assign this permission to users that are responsible for on-boarding users. 

System Permissions

We recommend that you only assign a few trusted users with System permissions as these are effectively super-admin roles. Select Selected User and then assign these to the individuals you choose, in Selected User Permissions


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